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We offer university extension, graduation, Master, PhD, postdoctoral, habilitation and specialization courses for approved students all over the world.

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We offer psychoanalysts, therapists, coaches and consultants to the candidates so they find their talent and get to know how to focus better on their academic career. Therefore, the candidates may join in a course they actually like and will conclude, so they won’t stop in the middle of their journey.


At EBWU we evaluate your professional, curricular, academic and documentative experience so the candidate and the student may eliminate credits and disciplines that will be considered granted or previously routed. Thus, time and course conclusion deadline can be reduced..


These are offered to personalities that highlight at the academic, social and humanistic areas. EBWU evaluate the curriculum vitae of the ones who fit in this profile. Inside the honorific titles, we offer: bachelor honorary degree, master honorary degree, doctor honorary degree, professor honorary degree, academic honorary degree, honor of merit, and others.


The courses are fully distance learning, also called Open University. They will be teached through internet with the assistance of articles, handouts, modules, books and evaluations send to the students online through the digital learning platform on our website.

Students: welcome to EBWU

Welcome to Student Fun University

EBWU is an university registered in Florida under the authentication number 141203101417-800277052878#1. It is a non-profit education institution that acts at the United States of America and it is open to receive students from all around the world through its online courses. EBWU takes place at a noble area of Miami, Florida and have a legally consolidated academic source since the beginning, at the United States of America, where it comes the offer of the superior courses.The EBWU is properly registered with the Florida Department of Education and is authorized to offer the courses it offers. His performance is properly authorized by the Comission Independent Education, Florida Departament Education.

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Prof. Dr. Ítalu Bruno Colares de Oliveira PhD. - Rector of EBWU

Prof. Jane Applegate Phd.

The President is Dr. Italu Bruno Colares de Oliveira, Brazilian, married and father. The same is PhD in Theology by the California University, Doctor in Science of Religion by UEP - Universidad Evangelica del Paraguay, Master of Theology from the Universidad de Los Pueblos de Europa, MBA in Human Resources Management from the Faculdade Einstein, Post Graduate Psychoanalysis, Educator by FATEBOV, licensed in Philosophy from the Faculdade Pan Americana, BA in Theology from the Faculdade de Ciências Educação e Teologia do Norte do Brasil.

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